Seasonal Club Team Fees can include: AAU card, Top Flight Registration, Super League Registration, Gym Time, Coaching & Uniform. Tentatively fees have been set at:

• Fall $350

• Winter $575

• Spring $325

• Training only $150/month

Each team will be selected by the A-Train for Youth coaching staff and placement of each athlete will be given considerable thought. Factors influencing their decision include current skill level, improvement and dedication at practice. Each season we will be playing and participating in various leagues and tournaments throughout the valley. Schedules for leagues and tournaments will be given out as they are released to us. These leagues and tournaments may include participation in:

• Top Flight League

• Super League

• State AAU Championships

• Other Various Tournaments

Based upon league & tournament enrollment, gym fees and any other associated costs these fees could change. Anyone requiring financial assistance should contact Coach Austin


Coach Austin will select a group of athletes to travel and participate. Not every athlete is selected for the traveling team and not every age group travels. The teams and athletes that travel are determined by Coach Austin and the rest of the coaching staff. Traveling teams face a greater level of competition and must be both physically and mentally prepared. Fees can include: Tournament Registration, Uniforms, Travel, Food, Room & Board (additional expenses may be required).


Due to the request of many, Coach Austin has elected to provide personal training sessions for those who wish to have some more one on one time in enhancing their level of skill and play. Players may also share training time together at a discounted rate.

• Individual – $75/hour

• Two players or more – $60 each/hour


The practice and game schedule for the week will be posted on the website on Monday. It is the responsibility of the player and parents to check the website regularly throughout the week for updates. The website is WWW.ATRAINFORYOUTH.COM. Go to LEAGUES and here you will be able to locate the various practice and game schedules. Please note that players that do not attend practice may not play or may have very limited playing time in the following game. This will be at the discretion of Coach Austin and the other A-Train coaches. It If there are scheduling conflicts with practice and/or games, please contact Coach Austin prior to practice and games to discuss. Academic Requirements and Monitoring Included in this packet is a Player/Parent Contract which needs to be signed by both parent and player. Every person involved with A-Train for Youth is very dedicated to the success of each child who participates in our program and they go to great lengths to ensure that success. We also believe that schooling comes first and playing basketball or any other extracurricular activity is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, every athlete is required to maintain a 3.0 GPA. By signing the contract you are giving Coach Austin and all A-Train for Youth associates permission to visit your child’s school at any given time throughout the school year to check on their grades. Anyone who does not maintain their grades will immediately be put on probation and will not be allowed to participate in any games until those grades are brought up. A private meeting between Coach Austin, the athlete on probation, and their parent(s) will be required to discuss what can be done to enhance their academic success.

**No refunds will be given for players who are not allowed to play in games or tournaments due to probation based on grades.


Each athlete participating in A-Train for Youth is required to serve a minimum of 1 hour of community service each week. Building character and giving back to the community is one of the foundations A-Train for Youth is based upon. We feel that it is extremely important for each athlete to give back to others in order to appreciate the opportunities they have been given. Community service can include helping a neighbor shovel their driveway in the winter, rake the leaves in the fall, or lending a hand at any one of the various shelters and hospitals around the valley. Please keep a notebook documenting all acts of community service and make sure to bring it to practice each Saturday. This becomes important when you begin your college application process. Please include the following:

• Date and location of community service

• Type of service

• Total time of service

• Written name & signature of person and organization (if applicable) service given to

We are constantly searching for various activities and events for all our athletes to participate in and to give back to the community. In the past, we have participated in events such as the Sahara Cares Annual Carnival for Autism and the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk. If anyone knows of an organization that is looking for volunteers please let us know.


Did you know that A-Train for Youth is a registered Non-Profit 501(c)3 Charitable Organization? All of our coaches and staff including Coach Austin are here on a volunteer basis and are not being paid for their time and efforts. Please be mindful of the fact that every person affiliated with A-Train is there because they care about the happiness, success and well being of your child. It is our ultimate goal for every athlete to have an opportunity to participate in A-Train for Youth Programs. We are continuously seeking donations, both individual and corporate, to help alleviate costs. Anyone that you know of, personally or professionally, that you feel would be interested in sponsoring A-Train for Youth Programs or our athletes, please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Austin. He will be happy to personally sit down and speak with them regarding the needs of A-Train for Youth and the benefits of being a donor.


Lastly, we would just like to thank you for your time and support to A-Train and your child. We realize that you could have chosen to place your child with any team out there and the trust you have given us with your child is priceless. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and believe us when we say we love every one of our kids! We’re looking forward to seeing each one of our talented athletes grow, both personally and within the sport.

Thank You Sponsors

Thank You Sponsors

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