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Individual Sponsors

A-Train for Youth is a non profit organization that relies solely upon sponsorships, donations and volunteerism. As such, this year we are again providing the opportunity for families or businesses to sponsor our program. Our sponsor’s donated money allows A-Train to provide an opportunity for less fortunate children to attend basketball camps and play in competition leagues. In addition to monetary donations, we also welcome donations of items such as: basketballs, water and Gatorade, prizes for our golf events and items for our annual fundraising dinner.

We have an excellent program and a wonderful group of volunteer coaches and parents dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for developing basketball fundamentals, as well as life skills. Our goal is to give guidance and strengthen youth through sports activities, education and community service.   A-Train players amassed over 10,000 hours of giving back to their community during the 2011 season, and each child in the program is required to maintain a respectable GPA, with a goal of maintaining a 3.5 program wide GPA.  We also educate the kids on proper nutrition, the danger of drugs, respecting parents and being a good citizen.

Our A-Train Magic travel teams compete in the top tournaments across the country, placing young athletes in front of college scouts and coaches, giving them an opportunity for college placement that they might not otherwise be afforded.  We work closely with these athletes, educating them on NCAA rules and requirements, collegiate eligibility requirements and preparing them for the rigors of college athletics. Many of our college athletes return home to donate their time to coach at our summer camps.  Recently we were invited to Chile to compete in an international tournament, but fell short in our fund raising efforts. We were, however, able to help sponsor three players from Chile in their quest for college scholarships. Our ultimate goal is to have our own A-Train for Youth sports facility.

We are enthusiastic about our sponsorships and we are certain your generosity will directly impact the future success of A-Train for Youth. Here are some of the ways your tax deductible donations work for us:
    •   Athlete Scholarships (camp entrance fee for selected young athletes, league entrance fee for competitive play and basketball shoes for those in need)

    •   Operational Costs involved in basketball camps (gym rental, liability insurance and equipment)

    •   Administrative Costs of A-Train (office supplies and equipment, utilities, gym rental, etc).

    •   Marketing Costs of A-Train  (advertising, registration materials, brochures and website, etc).

    •   Events and Activities administered and/or participated in by  A-Train for Youth to promote and encourage the life skills, self esteem building and team work
         values the program is based upon.

As a sponsor of A-Train for Youth, you can expect to receive:

    •   Sponsor name, logo and/or recognition used in all media releases, including print, audio, video and other forms of advertising pertaining to Sponsorship
         of A-Train for Youth.

    •   Hole Sponsorship at the Annual A-Train for Youth Golf Tournament where, depending upon the agreed amount of the sponsorship, Sponsor will receive
         at least one of the following: sponsor banner set up at one of the golf course’s 18 holes, sponsor name and logo displayed in all print and media releases including
         tournament program, advertising and newspaper publications regarding tournament.

    •   An invitation to participate in and attend all events hosted by A-Train, including the Annual Golf Tournament, High Intensity Invitational Basketball Camp, High Intensity
         Celebrity Basketball Game and various Youth Basketball Camps.

As you can see, we want to continue to improve our program. We welcome donations of any amount and we believe that, with your support, we can achieve these goals and provide
our youth with a great basketball experience, lasting skills and lifetime memories.

If you have any questions about our program or the donation process, please feel free to contact  Alex Austin 801-244-5455


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