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Fall 2022 Registration - $400

Fall league is the perfect answer for those looking to continue playing basketball after the Spring season.  Shorter in duration, it includes training 2-3 times per week in the month of August to November and league play in the months of September and November.  Game days vary each week and there is a tournament at the end of league play.  Teams may have the opportunity to register for additional tournaments during the season.  Your coaches will let you know at that time of any extra fees.  We have teams from 3rd grade to high school varsity, boys and girls.


Each team will be selected by the A-Train for Youth coaching staff and placement for each athlete will be given considerable thought.  Factors influencing their decision include current skill level, improvement, and dedication at practice.


Seasonal fees include:  AAU membership, league participation fees, gym time, and uniforms.  Fees have been set at $450.  This fee is based upon league and tournament enrollment, gym fees and any other associated costs, these fees could change. Anyone requiring financial assistance should contact for information.

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