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Boys' League Schedules



Please plan to arrive at least 30 Min before game time.  If you cannot make a game you need to let me know ASAP as some teams will forfeit if players are missing. 

Link to schedules:  www.quickscores.com/salt lake county

Be sure to always check OUR website as sometimes the games will change by phone and not their website.
If you notice a games is different that I have put here, please feel free to contact me with questions.


Thank you 


Denise Swope
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3RD/4TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Michael, Charlie, Daija,
Jaxon, Quentin, Dawson, Keaton, Dodger, Bryton, Kaden



Wednesday October 29

Bonneville Jr. High
5330 S Gurene Dr.
6:00 pm vs UBC Blue 



5TH/6TH  GRADE A-TRAIN: Aidan, Mia, Tyler, Briggs, Dominic, Galib, Evan, Max, Ozzie
6TH GRADE MAGIC: Jacob, Josh, Maxwell. Nicholas, Nico, Makhiah, Talon

Wednesday October 29

West Lake Jr. High
3400 S 3450 W
8:00 pm vs  Bulldogs


Wednesday October 29

West Lake Jr. High
3400 S 3450 W
9:00 pm vs Grizzlies Elite White



7TH/8TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Connor, Isaiah, Bryce, Harrison, Payton, Jacob T, Boston, Alex, Bridger, Brad, Jaxon

8TH GRADE MAGIC: Kelton, Kayden, Chandler, Luke, Jakob J, Travis, Lawson, Branden, Zander, Mack



Wednesday October 29

Eisenhower Jr. High
4351 S Redwood Rd.
8:00 pm vs Murray Hoops Orange

Wednesday October 29


JUNIOR VARSITY WHITE: Anel, Cameron, Spence, Cody, Skyler, Gage, Korbin, Christian



Thursday October 30

Bennion Jr. High
6055 S 2700 W
9:00 pm vs Grizzlies

VARSITY A-TRAIN  Black: Abdullahi, Omari, Kenny, Alex, Moses, Igor, Anel, Cody, Andres, Gerardo



VARSITY MAGIC: Eslliey, Taylan, Mark, Shaith, Ivan, Franco, Joao, Chris, Shema



Thursday October 30

Churchill Jr. High
3450 S Oakview Dr.
8:00 pm  vs Grizzlies 


Thursday October 30

Churchill Jr. High
3450 S Oakview Dr.
7:00 pm vs WX


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