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Boys' League Schedules


 Dimple Dell likes to change their game times, so please check the schedule several times during the week please.

Please plan to arrive at least 30 Min before game time.  If you cannot make a game you need to let me know ASAP as some teams will forfeit if players are missing. 

Dimple Dell league on Quickscores.

If you notice a games is different that I have put here, please feel free to contact me with questions.


Thank you 


Denise Swope
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3RD  GRADE A-TRAIN:  Jace, Boston, Xander, Tai, Keaton, Korben, Bryton, Charlie, Saxton

4TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Kaden, Daija, Justus, Harkirath, Tayshawn, Gracie, Michael, Q


Saturday May 16

Eastmont Middle School
10100 S 1300 E
8:00 am vs Knights


Saturday May 16

Eastmont Middle School
10100 S 1300 E
9:00 am vs SL Legends

5TH GRADE MAGIC: Tyler, Mia, Briggs, Ozzie, Aidan, Q, Jaxon B,
6TH GRADE MAGIC: Jacob,  Josh, Nicholas, Talon, Makhiah,  Gavin, Keishaun, Ozzie

Saturday May 16

Midvale Middle School
7852 S Pioneer St.
1:00 pm vs Team Flight


Saturday May 16

Indian Hills Middle School
1180 E Sanders
3:00 pm vs Wasatch Gold 








8TH GRADE MAGIC: Kelton, Kayden, Chandler, Jakob, Luke, Travis, Zach, Lawson, Zander, Mack

Saturday May 16

Dimple Dell Main Ct
10670 S 1000 E
9:00 pm vs Westlake Thunder 




JUNIOR VARSITY : Chad, Landon, Kia, Gage, Skyler, Sy, Anel, Spence, Flash, Connor



Thursday May 14
Jordan High School  South gym
95 E Beetdigger Dr.
6:00 pm vs

if you win you play on

Fri May 15
Jordan High School  North gym
95 E Beetdigger Dr.
6:00 pm

if you win you play on

Sat  May 16
Alta High School  Main gym
11055 S 1000 E 
11:00 am











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