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Boys' League Schedules



Please plan to arrive at least 30 Min before game time.  If you cannot make a game you need to let me know ASAP as some teams will forfeit if players are missing. 

If you notice a games is different that I have put here, please feel free to contact me with questions.


Thank you 


Denise Swope
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3RD  GRADE A-TRAIN:  Korben, Bryton, Bostin, Fischer, Azan,Mack, Jake

4TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Bryton, Dominick, Deshon, Tracen, Saxton, Julian, Kai, Charlie, Jordan


You still have a tournament game.... just not this week.





Thursday Feb 11

Murray Boys & Girls Club
244 E Vine St.
9:00 pm   vs Titans Burton



5TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Kirath, Quentin, Kaden, Gracie, Max, Daija, Charlie
6TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Mia, Aidan, Jaxon, Teya, Ozzie, Tyler, Drew, Rowan, Quentin

Wednesday Feb 10

Riverview Jr. High
751 W Tripp Lane  (5800 So)
8:00 pm vs E3 or Murray Winner



Tuesday Feb 9

Boys & Girls Club
244 E Vine St.
9:00 pm vs Killer Bees/Wizards winner







7TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Talon, Jacob, McCray, Nicholas, Makhiah, Josh, Gardner, Quentin, Ozzie

8TH GRADE A-TRAIN: Shayan, Jarod, Brad, Jacob, McCray, Talon, Nicholas, Makhiah, Josh, Gardner



Monday Feb 8

Riverview Jr. High
751 W Tripp Lane
8:00 pm vs Oly



Thurs Feb 11


Riverview Jr. High
751 W Tripp Lane (5800 So)
9:00 pm vs Warriors






VARSITY A-TRAIN :  Gage, Zach, Tyson, Ty, Kia, Jokie, Alex, Hanzala, Gavin

Thursday Feb 11

Jefferson Jr. High
5850 S 5600 W
6:00  pm vs Bingham












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